Monday, September 28, 2009


Here are a few pictures of my study. It was initially the second (far smaller) bedroom in our apartment. I am using it as our study/den since it also houses the TV. The window looks out on our neighbor's beautiful backyard, which is definitely a cheerful sight when studying. My mom was nice enough to give me her old desk from law school which is just the right size for a computer and a few big books. The chairs (taken from the trash of my high school) are going to be my first reupholstering projects. I am going to be starting a continuing education class in a few weeks on "the art of upholstery". I'll keep you posted on the results.

The walls are Martha Stewart's Peach Marmalade. The pictures don't really capture it accurately. It is a little peachier than they make it look. It is a really great, cheerful color for a small room. I'm sure I'll really appreciate it during the winter. Hopefully it will make the apartment feel a little less cold.

Those of you who remember my Boston will apartment will recognize the shape of the pictures above the bookshelf. I like the way the gold looks against the peach. Wes (Mushkillah's old toy) and an awesome wooden art piece my sister gave me are sitting on the bookshelf.

Finally, I have a picture of the litter box wall (finally not in my room!) with the TV table and a white cabinet from my grandma's old house. I put a few photos and knick-knacks up there to remind me of why I am going back to school. It is nice to look at some familiar faces and GLS mementos when I am in the midst of studying.

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